Santa Claus is no longer making a list, nor is he checking it twice! 

In a landmark festive move, has partnered with Father Christmas to bring his naughty or nice list into the modern era. This Christmas, Santa Claus has dispensed with his old-fashioned method of keeping handwritten lists of children to check if they’ve been ‘naughty or nice’. Santa has embraced the latest cloud-based technology and AI to make sure that everyone gets what they deserve during this festive season, but faster. 

Robin Clarke,’s UK Managing Director, said, “ won the contract to provide fast and accurate background screening and referencing for Santa’s little helpers. But it gave us the idea that, with a little tweaking, we could extend the online checking process to all of the people that Father Christmas delivers to as well.” 

Clarke, a veteran of the background screening sector, explained, “For months, we have been secretly working with Santa’s HR and IT Departments to help them modernise and speed up their outdated systems – just like we have done for so many of our other customers. We were delighted with the results, but more importantly, our systems now mean that Santa can see – in almost real-time – who has been naughty and who has been nice.” 

Father Christmas, whilst taking a short break from overseeing the huge annual logistic nightmare that involves delivering billions of gifts to an estimated 2.2 billion children, said, “Everyone here at the North Pole is hugely grateful to for the way they helped us transition to this new system of background checking. To begin with, we used the technology with the elves and other seasonal workers, but such was the efficiency and speed of their systems, we decided to roll it out to other parts of our operation.” 

Santa Claus expanded, “I used to sit down, make a list, check it twice, just to see who was naughty or nice. Now does it for me at the click of a button!” 

Paul Wood,’s Chief Technology Officer, said, “We have invested a lot of time and energy to have the best background screening and referencing platform on the market. My team and I were delighted to see it embraced by Father Christmas with such enthusiasm.” 

Santa Claus refused to be drawn on the question of whether these enhanced background checks would mean fewer children would receive presents this Christmas.  He simply said, “I know if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness’ sake.” 

Written by Colin Bloom. is an industry leading background screening software company based in the UK and Australia. 

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