My candidate’s just moved here – how should I screen them?

Are you in the process of hiring someone who’s only recently moved to your area? Maybe you’re wondering how you should go about screening them. Don’t worry – we’ve got answers for you!  

But firstly, let’s clarify – why should you conduct screening?   

Why Screen?  

The answer is to protect your organisation, staff and clientele from risk – financial, physical and reputational. In addition to this, background checks can help you avoid the cost of a bad hire; the time wasted hiring/training them, on top of the costs of finding and training a replacement. Should things go truly pear-shaped, having conducted pre-employment screening protects your company from negligent hiring lawsuits.   

Now, back to your newly-arrived candidate.  

The Cross-Country Candidate  

If they’ve simply moved from another state or county, the process is much the same as it would be for a local applicant. National police checks, or DBS checks, are a typical requirement for roles requiring clearance, including positions working with vulnerable adults or children. In such roles, safeguarding is paramount, so a nationwide check is standard.   

One important thing to note is that the level to which you screen should be relevant to the position you’re looking to fill. You also need to screen all candidates for the position equally.  

The International Candidate  

If your candidate has recently moved from overseas, you’ll likely need to run a national police check for compliance. Our police checks generally go back five to seven years (though Standard and Enhanced DBS checks all spent/unspent convictions), and the screening report includes any disclosable outcomes recorded during that time.   

Now, that’s all well and good for candidates who’ve been local for a while, but you might feel that this isn’t going to provide you with a very large picture if they’ve only just arrived in the country. You could consider running a police check in the country they resided in previously. This will enable you to ensure any criminal history/offences they may have had in the past seven years is identified, so you can avoid putting your company, and people, at risk.  

Good news! offers International Police checks! Whether they’ve come from Australasia, the UK, Europe, North America or elsewhere, we’ve got you covered.

More checks  

What’s more, our Reference Checks are global! Your candidate can list a referee from anywhere in the world, and the referee can complete the brief online form from anywhere, on any device. Many of our clients package a Reference Check with the Police Check, so they can assign both in one click.  

Want even more good news? Our Qualifications Checks are also global! We’ll verify your candidate’s credentials, for example a medical degree, no matter where they graduated from – we check qualifications from over 190 countries and 40,000 institutions.   

Make sure you’re hiring a trustworthy candidate, whether they’ve just arrived or not, by conducting thorough pre-employment checks. If you’re looking to simplify your screening process, contact today.  

Written by Mary Snowden.

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