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Top Pulse Surveys FAQ

What is the aim of a Pulse survey?

To get responses that are insightful and measurable. You want to know what's working, what's not, and how to make things better.

What type of questions should a Pulse survey include?

Driver Questions

These will help you determine the key reasons for the issues you are trying to measure, with the aim of identifying actions and solutions.

Examples of what you are trying to measure could be company practices, culture, or behaviour.

We would recommend that most questions are driver questions as you use a fixed measurement scale for responses like a five-point Likert scale, which aims to capture responses from one extreme to the other (like ranging from "strongly disagree" to "strongly agree"). This will help employers quantify emotions and attitudes and standardises responses, therefore making the results specific and measurable.

Outcome Questions

Designed to measure the impact of initiatives and trends. Using a scale allows you to get a clear view of the strength of the feeling from your employees.

Open Questions

Employees can write their own responses to allow you to gain deeper insights.

The answers from open question can be hard to analyse, so we suggest you keep these to a minimum.

Can we customise the questionnaire?

Yes, you can provide your own questionnaire or use the template.



Our platform provides the option of a single or multi check report for all checks that you carry out. All the information you need is available to read and save at the click of a button.

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Further Pulse Survey FAQ

Hopefully we can answer all of your Pulse Survey questions below, but if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

When should an employee do their first Pulse survey?

We would recommend after 3 months, the second at 6 months and a third after 12 months.

What should a Pulse survey questionnaire be like?
  1. Short and with quick-fire questions, to get a good response rate and avoid employee survey fatigue. Having a short survey means that you can also easily analyse the results.
  2. All of the questions must be relevant and this will allow you to get direct and clear answers.
  3. You must be able to be act on the results, so focus on generating action. Your employees will become reluctant to complete the surveys if they don’t see positive action following their feedback.
  4. Quick to complete and frequent. The aim is ultimately to get a snapshot of your employees' views by checking in on their progress.
  5. Don't ask leading questions. If you do, the data and results won't be a true reflection of your employees' thoughts.
How can you implement your Pulse surveys?

Using you can send your questionnaire directly to your employees, who can then complete the survey on any device at any time of the day. This flexibility allows you to collect responses from every employee, resulting in better data and a clearer picture of the needs of your employees. allows you to customise your questions, collect responses, visualise the data to analyse trends, and give every employee in your company a voice.