Two minutes to complete

We've done away with clunky forms and phone call follow-ups – our Reference Checks take just a couple of minutes! You can assign them to numerous candidates at once in a matter of moments. We've also made it as simple as possible for candidates and referees; They can be done on any device, and users simply enter the requested information and submit.

Customisable at every turn

Our Advanced Reference Checks allow you to tailor the questions presented to referees. You can also determine the type of reference you'd like your candidate to provide (eg. employment, education etc.), the number of references required, and the length of time you'd like them span (eg. the last two years, five years etc.) amongst many other settings and features.

Check the status at a glance

We give you full visibility of your checks, with status visual aids that allow you to see the status of checks with a simple glance. We also provide options for scheduled, automatic reminders so there's minimal manual follow-up, removing the need to chase down candidates or referees.

Anti-fraud algorithm alerts you of suspicious activity

We'll let you know if any suspicious activity occurs which could indicate a fraudulent reference - for example, if the referee has used the same network or device as the candidate. These alerts place the power in your hands and help you make informed hiring decisions.

Automated workflow simplifies and streamlines

Automated reference checks give you full visibility over the process, and are a faster, more convenient way to collect references. They also promote a more honest response from referees, as they can be confident their responses are confidential.

Support is readily available

We provide an abundance of support, from online guides to direct contact with our global Support Team. We're happy to assist you, your candidates and their referees with helpful advice at any stage of the process.