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Top Identity Verification Check FAQ

When should you get an Identity Verification check?

These checks are important for verifying a prospective candidate's identity. This is especially important if the employer has not met the candidate and needs to confirm they are who they claim to be.

What documents are required for an Identity Verification check?

One photo identification document is required for this check. Acceptable documents for this check include a passport and a driver's licence (either Australian or New Zealand).

What is the process for an Identity Verification check?

This process is quick and easy. The candidate follows clear prompts to take a couple of live shots of themselves, then one of their ID document. They then enter the document information and submit the check.



Our platform provides the option of a single or multi check report for all checks that you carry out. All the information you need is available to read and save at the click of a button.

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Further Identity Verification Check FAQ

Hopefully we can answer all of your IDV check questions below, but if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Are there different types of Identity Verification check?

Yes. We facilitate a Right to Work check as well which specifically checks Right to Work documents, whereas the regular IDV check accepts Australian and New Zealand passport and driver's licences.

How is the Identity Verification check different from a 100 points check?

The identity verification check goes a step further than the 100 points check, not only verifying the validity of the documents provided, but also that the candidate is the owner of these documents. We perform a likeness match by facilitating the capture of two differing live photos along with the documents to prove that this candidate is the one on the photo ID.