What is VETTING.com?

Vetting.com is our flagship background screening tool, used to capture information from your candidates and you can use it to automatically run a number of checks – such as criminal history checks and referencing.

It provides you with the information and capability to make an effective judgment on the suitability of a particular candidate, and it's easy to use for both you and the candidate.

Are you an outsourced background screening company?

No, we provide you with the ability to complete your own background screening in house – cutting out the middle man and speeding up your processes.

Which checks do you offer?
I need to perform a check that you don't currently do – what are my options?

We are always looking at expanding the library of checks we can offer - just let us know which check you need and we'll discuss the feasibility of including it on the platform.

Alternatively, you can also create any custom checks that you require within the system – allowing you to capture the relevant information from the candidate to complete any check you can think of, or for those unique to your own business.

How much do the checks cost?
How do I get access to the platform?

Each user will need a license, and then they will simply be able to login with their email address and a password. For more information on the licensing options, please get in touch.

How long does it take to get the results of a check?

This varies by check, but some can be back within minutes of the candidate submitting the data.

I have a set of checks that I carry out on every candidate that I screen – how can I manage this?

We have provided the ability to group checks into a screening package for this exact reason. You can build and configure the checks as required and then add the package to every candidate you screen in one go.