Reference Checks simplifies the reference checking process for clients, candidates and referees. Our automated reference checking tool makes collecting references easier and faster. Every stage is completed within the platform meaning there are no clunky forms for candidates and referees to download. Candidates and referees can use any device to complete their respective parts.

Hopefully we can answer all of your Reference check questions below, but if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

What is a Reference check?

A Reference check allows an employer to check key facts (dates of employment and job title), but it also gives the client the option to understand how their prospective new hire performs at work and provides insight into their skillset.

Are there different types of reference checks? What's the difference?

Yes. offers Basic or Advanced reference checks. Our Basic reference check allows the user to assign a minimum number of references to the candidate, with templated questions corresponding to the type of reference, and attach notes to the candidate and referees.

Our Advanced reference check includes this with more customisation options. These include custom question templates and the ability to determine the type of reference the candidate can use. The Advanced reference check also includes the options of scheduled reminders and review the referee information the candidate has entered before the request is sent out to referees.

What are the stages of the reference checking process?
  1. Create your customised reference questionnaire/s, confirm how many references you want to collect and the intervals of the automated reminders to both candidates and referees. also has reference templates available to use.
  2. Just 30 seconds' work to enter the candidate's details (name, email and phone), or you can\ bulk upload unlimited candidates for mass hiring.
  3. Candidate receives a text message and email with a link to take them into They provide digital consent and input the requested referee details.
  4. The client, if they wish, can review the referee details provided by the candidate before the referees are contacted (optionable).
  5. Referees complete the questionnaire inclusive of confirming the candidate's dates of employment and job title.
  6. Client receives a professional report highlighting all the information and answers gathered

    Any discrepancies between what the candidate has provided, and the referee's answers will be highlighted, and our fraud algorithm adds a layer of security to the process.

    The reference check report can also be saved into a PDF.
What type of references can be requested?

Employment, Education, Self Employed, Agency and Personal.

Who is a referee?

A referee is an individual nominated by the candidate to provide an insight about a candidate's previous work experience, conduct, skills and character.

Why have I been chosen to give a reference?

If you have been contacted to provide a reference, it is because the candidate has nominated you and shared your details.

Prospective employers prefer referees to be from a candidate's previous place of employment and ideally a manager that you worked closely with. The potential employer is looking to verify the details provided by a candidate.

The reference can also provide the new employer with an insight into the candidate's conduct, skills and character.

What if the information provided by the candidate is incorrect?

You can amend any of the details provided by the candidate and input the correct information.

Can the candidate see my answers?

The candidate will see the progress of the checks but unless they make a request, they won't see the answers provided.

What questions will the referee be asked?

All referees will need to confirm/adjust the dates of employment and the job title provided by the candidates.

The additional questions depend on the client's customised questionnaire. It could be a mix of questions to ascertain a candidate's skillset, personality and conduct.

How has automating the Reference check process made it better?

Using will allow prospective employers to get a greater understanding of a candidate's skills, their communication style, how they work in a team and how the solve problems.

The digital process is a lot quicker and more convenient for the referee because they can provide the reference at any time and on any device.

Currently, is collecting references within an average of 27 hours of the candidate submitting their information.

How does automated referencing benefit the referee?

In contrast to a phone call or having to download a form, referees will be more honest in digital references as they are not being influenced verbally nor getting frustrated with the process. They will know their responses are completely confidential. This will result in the client gaining more in-depth insights that allow you to make better hiring decisions. The information gathered can also be used to aid their onboarding, induction and training.

How does automated referencing benefit the candidate?

Once the candidate has provided the referee details, they can track the progress by seeing updates e.g if the referee has been reminded once by the platform to complete their part of the process.

This visibility ensures a candidate understands where the process is up to, reducing the need to chase the client.

How is the information protected?

Security and data protection are of utmost importance to Our GDPR-compliant platform has been built to ensure the data from candidates, clients and referees is secure.



Our platform provides the option of a single or multi check report for all checks that you carry out. All the information you need is available to read and save at the click of a button.

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