Credit Check FAQ

Hopefully we can answer all of your Credit Check questions below, but if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

What is a Credit check?

A Credit check provides additional detail about any Court and Insolvency information available, as well as previous searches done on the candidate. The check reveals any serious adverse credit history a candidate has and can be an invaluable part of the pre-employment screening process, particularly if the employee will have access to cash, accounts or valuables. By performing a Credit check, employers gain peace of mind over concerns such as staff fraud by determining if a candidate is economically vulnerable.

What will a Credit check show?

A Credit check will show the following:

  • Bankruptcy – a legal proceeding involving a person/company that has been unable to repay outstanding debts
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) - a formal agreement between a person and their creditors that helps to repay debts based on what the person can afford
  • County Court Judgements (CCJs) - an order from the County Court instructing a person to repay a debt
  • Other court and insolvency actions such as DROs and Debt Advice Schemes
  • Full Electoral Roll matches
  • Notice of Corrections / Discharges
  • Previous Searches
Will a Credit check impact a candidate's credit score?

No. In the same way that a Credit ID check will not impact a candidate's credit score, Credit checks do not and will not show on the credit reports used by lenders.

What information is provided in a Credit ID check?

A Credit ID check provides information from a candidate's credit report. This includes a summary of court and insolvency data such as CCJs and bankruptcies, as well as Electoral Roll information and other sources confirming ID. Credit ID checks automatically search for alias names and linked addresses for candidates, even if this information is not provided by the candidate.

Do Credit ID checks impact a candidate's credit score?

No. Asking your candidate to perform a Credit ID check does not affect their credit score as it is done through the employment vetting search category and therefore leaves a 'soft footprint' on the candidate’s report. This 'soft footprint' can only be seen by the candidate and is not used by organisations making lending decisions or in the calculation of a credit score.

What information do I see once a Credit ID check is completed? 

Once a Credit check is completed, you will receive the following information:

  • Linked addresses and alias names
  • Confirmation the candidate is on the Electoral Roll
  • Summary of Court and Insolvency information
  • Home phone number check
  • DOB checks against Electoral Roll and Credit Information
  • HALOs Deceased list check
  • If the candidate has no court or insolvency, you will be told that no such information is present.
The Credit ID check returned court and insolvency data for my candidate – what do I do?

The first thing we recommend for you to do is to speak with your candidate about the circumstances surrounding this data. It is important to understand if your candidate suffered from any loss, illness or family problems which resulted in these issues. If this is not the case for your candidate, they may be able to explain the steps they have taken to avoid these issues in the future. By asking your candidate for more information, you will be able to assess if they pose any risks to your business and whether they are suitable for the role they have applied for.

How long does it take to get the results and how do I view them? will return the results within five minutes.



Our platform provides the option of a single or multi check report for all checks that you carry out. All the information you need is available to read and save at the click of a button.