Our Product

Our cloud solution has been created to make background screening simpler, easier, better - for both employers and applicants. Here is a sprinkling of some of the features and benefits available with the Vetting.com platform.

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An easy-to-use platform, built for humans

Crystal clear step-by-step user interfaces make checks simple to request and complete for all. Our platform is automated and self-managed, so you can perform checks with confidence.

Check the status of individual checks at a glance

On our dashboard, you can view and filter the checks requested for an individual, see exactly where each check is up to and what is required for its completion - as can the individual. No more waiting around wondering who's holding it up! The screening report shows all the individual's check results in full detail.

All the details you need, readily available

The check details page allows you to see the progression of a check; as well as all the information that has been entered, submitted, and reviewed so you can hire the right people, faster.

Tailor a package of checks for your roles

Tired of wasting time assigning and configuring multiple checks to each individual? Compile multiple checks into a package, then simply assign the package you need to one or more individuals.

Help is just a click away

Our support team is ready to assist you, your candidates and their referees throughout the process with our contextual online help but also a real, local & knowledgeable support team available by phone and email. Request Demo